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Orthopedic problems? Quit procrastinating. Get answers now!

We Want To Hear From You! We have been working on reaching out to our patients and improving our patient education by using blog posts. But now we really want to hear from you on what your unanswered orthopedic questions are. Submit Your Questions Below See The Answers To Our Most Recent Questions. Is it […]

What Graft Is Best For Your ACL Reconstruction?

Tearing an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) graft is a devastating occurrence after ACL reconstruction (ACLR). Identifying and understanding the independent predictors of ACLR graft failure is important for surgical planning, patient counseling, and efforts to decrease the risk of graft failure. Types of grafts Patient’s with a torn ACL who are undergoing ACL reconstruction have a […]

Steroid vs hyaluronic acid (gel) vs PRP injections for treatment of knee arthritis

For patients with knee arthritis that are not ready for joint replacement, what is the right treatment? Studies have shown that corticosteroid injections are a good treatment for acute flare-ups, giving short term symptomatic relief. Corticosteroids work as an anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive agent, and can lead to increased hyaluronic acid concentration in the joint. They found […]